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When Should a Couple Consider Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is usually an option for couples who are unable impotent or unable to physically have children. Surrogacy may not appeal to everyone. There are many important factors to be considered prior to taking part in surrogacy.

When One or Both Individuals Is Diagnosed with Fertility Problems

One occurrence which often prompts couples to consider surrogacy is when one or both partners are diagnosed with fertility problems. If one or both partners are infertile, conception by normal means is impossible. At this point, if the couple still wants to have a child, they should consider adoption and surrogacy.

Unable to Conceive and Have Financial Means to Pursue Surrogacy

Another instance when couples may start to consider surrogacy is when they are unable to conceive and also have the necessary finances to pursue having a child via surrogacy. Surrogacy is a costly venture. It is important to have the necessary funds before seriously considering surrogacy.

Couples Who Wish to Have a Child with Some Genetic Likeness

Couples who are unable to conceive may choose surrogacy because the child will share genetic traits with one of the parents.

When All Else Fails

Some couples do not wish to even think of surrogacy until the time when all else fails. Many individuals like to try all other means available prior to pursuing surrogacy whether it be for financial reasons or personal reasons. For some, surrogacy is a primary option whereas others view it as a last resort.

Surrogacy is a Personal Choice

No matter what reasons couples may have for pursuing or not pursuing surrogacy, surrogacy is a personal choice. The couple should consider all of their available options for having a child prior to determining that surrogacy is the right choice. It is important that the decision is well thought out and all options are considered.

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