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How To Make the Best Out of Summer Break

Are you stumped as to what to do with your children during their summer break? Summer is the longest break of the year for children after all so preparing for it and then enjoying it to its fullest can be a tall order, even for the most exuberant of parents.

For some kids the promise of summer lends itself to plenty of fun, good times and days of relaxing whereas for other children the long days without the structure of school and homework can mean the potential for getting into mischief.

Suggestions for summer break

  • Get a big calendar and keep it in the kitchen where all family members can see it. On the calendar record all summer activities, as well as family vacations, camping trips, summer camp and even the days that are just “hanging out” at home days. This will allow kids to always know what to expect and to plan ahead for the fun they will have on any given day. If plans need to be changed for whatever reason make sure the calendar reflects the change.
  • If summer camp is on the agenda for at least part of the summer break then set up an appropriate time beforehand when parents can bring their kids to visit the camp and get acquainted with some of the staff. Go over all of the rules and expectations with your children in regards to the camp before you send them there.
  • If your children will be staying at home for the summer or will have a babysitter part of the time while you are at work, discuss your expectations with them before the start of summer break. How are they expected to behave when you are at work? What chores do they need to do and how often do they need to be done?
  • Buy your child a notebook so he can write down what he did over his summer breaks, highlighting the parts he enjoyed the most.
  • Visit the public library over the summer break to revel in the thrill and enjoyment of reading. For younger children many libraries have summer programs that include storytelling, plays and puppet shows.
  • Even if you cannot afford to go far fro the summer break taker the time to visit the attractions in your own area. Visit the park, the museum and any other historic sites in your own town. These activities can be both fun and educational.
  • Enjoy swimming at the local pool, the beach or lake if it is nearby. Make sure that children are always supervised and make sure they wear hats and sunscreen when they are outdoors for long periods of time.
  • Plan activities that your child can do alone as well as activities that you can do together such as a scavenger hunt, planting flowers in the garden, a variety of crafts, making a scrapbook, bird watching, painting, writing a letter to grandma, etc.
  • Do your best to maintain a routine for your child as children crave the stability of everyday life, even during their summer break.


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