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How To Make the Best Out of Spring Break

Making the best out of spring breaks involves finding simple and fun ways to keep your children occupied so you do have to hear the words “I’m bored.” The spring break in March is only a week long but it is long enough to allow some children plenty of fun and enjoyment while others run out of things to do early on.

Suggestions for spring break

  • When it comes to activity planning allow your children to have a say in what they will do. Have family members write down what they would like to do and then decide from there what activities are feasible.
  • Especially good for working parents who cannot get time off when their children are on spring g break is to find out what day camps are available in your area and what each has to offer. Some day camps are organized according to the age of your children while other are built around a theme such as art and craft day camps, spring hockey camps, dance, writing or cooking day camps. Day camps allow children to pursue their individual interests and to meet other children to share their interests.
  • Check out local attractions in your town that your kids might enjoy such as the museum, the planetarium, the zoo, recreational centers, the local pool, and the library. These make excellent day activities. You might want to incorporate some shopping and lunch at a local restaurant with these activities to make a full day out of it.
  • Create an activity jar for your children. Have your child decorate the jar and then on individual pieces of paper write down activities that would be fun to do. Suggestions for activities include a board game, a story, a trip to the park or museum, a movie rental or a trip to the movies, a craft, etc. Each day have your child choose a piece of paper out of the activity jar and that is the activity you will do that day. If you have more than one child then let them take turns taking the piece of paper out of the jar. The element of surprise is sure to make any child happy!
  • Could anything be more enjoyable than visiting grandma and grandpa for a day or even for a couple of days during spring break? It is likely that the grandparents would also enjoy spending quality time with the grandkids. Whether baking is on the agenda or building something in the garage with grandpa, this is an enjoyable way to wile away the spring break. This also gives mom and dad some quality time to spend together without the kids around. If there are no grandparents in the picture or they live far away then perhaps there will be other family members such as aunts and uncles who want to spend time with the kids. This is a great opportunity for kids to hang out with their cousins too.


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