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Steam Rooms

Steam Rooms and Sinus Problems

Steam rooms are generally good for sinuses. However, if you notice an increase in infections after being in the steam room, it might be best to get steam to your sinuses another way. Consider buying a portable steam machine to use at home. When using a steam machine, breathe in the steam through your nose. To make steaming more pleasant and relaxing, add a little sage and eucalyptus, alone or in combination. Eucalyptus is antibacterial so it will help fight infections. You can buy eucalpytus and sage at herb shops or health food stores.

If being in a steam room increases your instances of sinus problems, your problems may be associated with the molds in the air, which could be a factor if your sinus problems are related to a mold allergy. Another possible cause to your increase sinus problems is a reaction to irritating fumes from the cleansers or disinfectants used in the steam rooms.

Steam Room Aromatherapy

Some spas have also introduced the use of aromatherapy in their steam rooms, to provide additional health benefits and relax clients.

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