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Health Insurance Options for Stay at Home Moms  

Stay at home moms engage in a worthy career each and every day. Besides having to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, stay at home moms fulfill a wide array of duties in their profession. However, unlike many moms who work outside of the home, stay at home moms do not receive insurance benefits with their job position. This is a problem for many women who stay at home since health insurance is a costly necessity. The following will provide some health insurance options for those who are stay at home moms.

Join Your Spouse’s Health Insurance Policy

One health insurance option for stay at home moms who are married is to join their spouse’s health insurance policy. Many companies and corporations will not only provide health insurance for their employee but for the family of the employee as well. Although the individual may have a certain amount of money come out of their paycheck each week/month in order to do so, the cost of the premium will be much less than if the stay at home mom obtained a health insurance policy on her own. This is a great option for married stay at home moms to consider.

Obtain an Individual Health Insurance Policy

For those who are not married or are unable to be covered under their spouse’s health insurance policy, another option to consider is to purchase an individual health insurance policy. There are pros and cons of purchasing an individual health insurance policy. The pros are that the stay at home mom can shop around for the best insurance company, best rates and best policy inclusions that they can find. In the alternative, one who obtains the individual health insurance policy may find that the policy is extremely costly as it is being obtained by the individual on her own. With that said, there are many options when it comes to individual health insurance policies and it is crucial to have health insurance should anything happen to the individual.

Obtain a Part-Time Job at Night and on Weekends

Another option for stay at home moms who wish to acquire health insurance is to obtain a part-time job at night. There are certain companies and corporations who will offer their part-time employees health insurance if they work a certain number of hours per week. If the spouse of the stay at home mom works weekdays and can care for the children at night or on weekends, the woman can work part time and obtain health insurance while doing so. Working part time allows the woman to get out of the house, meet new people and obtain a health insurance policy for her protection should she get ill or injured.

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