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Stay at Home Moms: Tips for Preventing Cabin Fever  

For the wonderful group of women who are stay at home moms, there are ways to make this profession a bit easier and allow the moms to retain their sanity while doing so. One of the biggest complaints which stay at home moms have expressed is the feeling of cabin fever that they sometimes get due to their work environment. Cabin fever is the feeling of being isolated from others and shut away from the world. Whether one has one child or ten children, cabin fever will be felt from time to time. There are some helpful hints for moms who wish to avoid this feeling of cabin fever while engaging in their worthy profession.

Get Out and About With the Kids

The best way to prevent cabin fever is to not give it time to occur. Cabin fever can be avoided by stay at home moms packing up the kids every day and running at least one errand or attending one children’s activity. Whether it is running out to the store to look at arts and crafts items or swinging by the local coffeehouse for a Café Mocha and chocolate milk, taking a ride is a wonderful way to prevent cabin fever. Not only will it get the stay at home mom and kids out of the four walls of the home for a while, but it also allows the individuals to have contact with the outside world. Just by chatting with other customers or employees at a store makes an individual feel as if they have regular contact with others outside of their family.

Take Part in Structured Activities

Another way to prevent cabin fever is to sign up for one or more structured activities. For stay at home moms who stay with their small children during the day, there are many parent-child activities which they can engage in such as art classes or mom and tots groups. If one is a stay at home mom and the kids are in school during the daytime, why not join up for an activity which takes place during that time. This will allow the mom to get out of the house and away from the housework for a while. Activities such as swimming, book clubs and women’s groups are a great option for stay at home moms to consider when hoping to avoid cabin fever.

Points to Remember

Being a stay at home mom is a full time job. No matter how many children one has or how hectic their life is, it is still good to get out of the house each day whenever possible. This is the best way to prevent cabin fever. Not only will the stay at home mom feel good about leaving the house and chores at home for a while, but they may also find that this is a great way to meet new moms and allow their children to forge new friendships as well.

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