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How to Make Friends When You Are a Stay at Home Dad

In the past, it was often the woman of the household who would stay at home with the children while the man pursued a full time job outside of the home. These days, more and more women are choosing to pursue a career outside of the home while more men are opting to stay at home and either care for the kids full time or work from home. For men who choose to stay at home, they may find that they are unable to acquire the friendships which they would have acquired if they worked outside of the home.

Father-Child Activities

There are many different activities available that allows fathers and their children to get out with other individuals and pursue a sport or activity. This is a great option for those stay at home dads who may not have as much adult interaction as they would like and wish to make new acquaintances. Whether it be based around a particular sport or craft session, father-child activities, or a 'daddy and me' day at the local recreation center, there are programs available where dads can meet other dads.

Stay At Home Dads Groups

Groups are popping up everywhere which cater to stay at home dads. Stay at home dads groups are being formed in various cities around the world. These groups allow the dads to get together for conversation and camaraderie while the kids can have a good time while the dads are conversing. Joining a stay at home dads group is a great way to make friends and allow the children to make new friends as well.

Sporting Events

Sporting events are activities which dads and children attend on a frequent basis. Attending a sporting event is a great option for stay at home dads who wish to make new friends. Although it may be a bit more difficult to do so at a loud sporting event than a smaller, quieter activity group, it is still a worthwhile option which one should consider when trying to increase their friend pool.

Points to remember

Making new friends while one is a stay at home dad may seem like a difficult task. However, this is certainly not the case. There are many ways for stay at home dads to not only meet new people on a daily basis but possibly develop lasting friendships along the way.

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