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Snowboarding Socks

What are Snowboarding Socks?

Snowboarding socks are socks that are especially designed to meet the physical demands of snowboarding. Most will provide stability, impact absorption, and comfort to the snowboarder while wicking moisture away.

When snowboarding, do not wear 100-percent cotton socks. Cotton socks absorb moisture which can cause your feet to develop blisters.

Most snowboarding socks extend over the calf.

How do Snowboarding Socks help prevent Blistering?

The material used to make snowboarding socks helps prevent blistering by transporting moisture away from the skin.

If you wear proper socks and still get blisters, you may need a different pair of boots. You may also need to apply vaseline or another type of lubricant on blister prone areas.

There are many types of running socks available. They are made in many different fabrics, shapes, sizes, and color. The most important things to look for in a snowboarding sock is durability, thickness, flexibility, breathability, and moisture wicking capabilities.

Make sure you try on different sizes, brands, fabrics, and models.

Snowboarding Socks Features

  • Type of fabric
  • Location of cushioning
  • Y-heel cups
  • Lycra Grip zones
  • Wool padding

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