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Information about a boot dryer

What is a Boot Dryer?

Boot dryers are used to combat the odor and dampness that is present in snowboarding and ski boots after a long day of skiing or snowboarding.

Boot dryers can be used overnight to gently heat and dry out the insides of your snowboard and ski boots.

Why is a Boot Dryer needed?

The physical exertion of an active winter sport combined with the feet encased in tough snowboard boots results in a high level of perspiration.

Boot Dryer Features

  • Warranty
  • Built in timer
  • Number of boots it can dry at the same time
  • Number of gloves it can dry at the same time
  • Drying time
  • Accessories
    • A power inverter that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter can be used so that you arrive at the ski area with toasty, warm boots to put on!
  • Wall mounted
  • Watts of power needed
  • Number of temperature settings
  • Self-oiling drive fan motor

Dry packs?

Dry packs can also be used to dry your boots. Dry Packs self-regulate humidity, inhibit mold and assist in maintaining the footwear's original shape. Depending on the level of dampness, dry packs can dry footwear in as soon as two hours, depending on level of dampness. They are less expensive than boot dryers.

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