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Tips to shed dead skin

Dead skin has a way of making skin look dull and lacking in luster. It is so important to shed or slough away dead skin that show themselves in the form of awful looking cells of the skin that are dying. The dead cells need to be taken away to reveal the healthy, new growth and younger radiant cells that are beneath, waiting to show through. The absolute best way to make this happen is to exfoliate the dead skin. Exfoliate means to get rid of the old, dead cells and usher in the new cells. Exfoliation is a simple process that does not take very long to do and it can be done both for the face as well as the body. Dead skin tends to build up more in the winter months and that is why springtime, the season fro renewal, is one of the best times of the year to put exfoliation into play.

As far as exfoliation is concerned you must ensure that you do not use any product that is abrasive as the goal is to slough off dead skin while leaving the healthy skin intact. You do not want to take away the good healthy skin with the old skin. There are so excellent products on the market for the face and body that effectively exfoliate the skin. Most exfoliates are known as facial scrubs or body scrubs. Look for a scrub that contains sugar or one that contains fruit acids. Some scrubs will be a combination of sugar and fruit such as a pineapple sugar scrub. These scrubs can be applied to the face or body gently with the hands and then rinsed off. Facial scrubs tend to be gentler than body scrubs as the skin on the face is more delicate than areas of the body.

It is recommended that exfoliation be done on a more or less regular basis. In the warmer months try to commit to exfoliating your skin once a week, or preferably twice a week. Always carefully read the directions on the side of the scrub and follow them carefully. Do not be heavy handed with the scrub as a little goes a long way. Exfoliation is so important because dead skin is shed from the body every day and these cells do not automatically fall off the skin but often continue to cling to it, masking the growth of new skin. If dead skin is allowed to stay put it can quickly and easy dull the skin and also clog pores. Dead skin is also responsible for causing wrinkles if it builds up too much.

Another form of exfoliation is using a dry brush to gently brush the skin before showering. This helps to loosen skin cells and to facilitate the process of exfoliation. Using a pumice stone on the feet, especially the heels are another form of exfoliation that discourages the development of calluses. Soften the feet in the shower first before using the pumice stone.

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