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Three Old Fashioned Skincare Tips That Work and Why

Despite the fact that there was not much in the way of skincare research or scientific advancements when it came to the eras that our grandparents and great grandparents lived in, they still had certain remedies and methods for dealing with common skin problems, as well as ways to ensure that their skin looked the best that it could possibly look. While many of these ideas have been disproven, some of them have been backed up by scientific research— and are common in the modern world, although occasionally in seemingly different applications. Here are three skincare tips your grandparents may have used that still work today.

Wash Your Face With The Roughest Cloth You Have

As uncomfortable and not fun as it sounds, this was a common “beauty secret” earlier in the 20th century. Before special gels and creams with exfoliating microbeads, ground avocado pits or other exfoliants were on the market for up to $30 a bottle, it was common for young ladies to wash their faces with old, rough cloths in order to make it smooth and to give their skin a healthy glow— especially important during times when wearing blush or other makeup cosmetics was a practice that could get you a bad reputation as a woman of loose morals.

Rinse Your Face In Ice Cold Water

As you can see, the idea that beauty is pain is an extremely old one. The science behind this is simple: as we all know, when things are hot they expand, and when things are cold, they contract. This is also true of the pores on your face: when you wash your face in hot water, you’re able to open up the pores and wash away any of the dirt or other particulates that might lead to break outs without special care. However, if the pores stay open when you’re done, it’s more likely that dirt and other irritants will find their way into your pores, leading to more breakouts. Rinsing your face in cold water is like shutting the door behind you when you’re done: your pores will contract and it will be more difficult for dirt to get in.

Pinch Your Cheeks

Although this was initially a trick to keep you from having to use blush, it’s still a good idea to wake up the circulation in your face on occasion. The rush of blood brings needed nutrients to your face, and sweeps away waste as well.

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