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Minimizing Your Freckles

While many people think freckles are cute, adorable flecks of tan that speckle the face of people who have particularly pale skin, many people who have freckles don’t like them. Freckles can be associated with youthfulness, and as a result can subtly undermine attempts to seem serious, mature, or glamorous. If you feel more plagued than blessed when it comes to your freckles, don’t worry: there are tips and tricks that can help minimize their appearance, even if they won’t go away entirely. Read more to find out the best and easiest ways to shrink those freckles!

Stay Out Of The Sun

Since freckles are bits of skin which have a larger amount of melanin in them than the surrounding areas, avoid situations which will spur on melanin production— such as exposure to sunlight and ultra violet rays. Things that cause people without freckles to tan will just cause your freckles to get darker— and many people who have fair skin tend to skip the tan entirely, and go from freckled to sunburned. If you wish to avoid such a rosy, freckled fate, find a hat when you go outside and wear heavy duty sunblock to keep your skin at its best.

Tan In A Bottle

While external forces that give people a genuine tan will just make your freckles darker, artificial tanning is not so selective. Choosing a spray tan, bottled tan lotion or other type of artificial tanning process will give your skin the healthy glow you crave without causing your freckles to darken. In fact, artificial tanning can do wonders to even out your skin tone and conceal the light spots from all but close up viewing. Don’t overdo the artificial tanning in the hopes of more serious concealment, though— you’ll end up looking like a very unnatural color, and it will take longer for the tan to wear off (which, if you look orange, will be a bad thing).


Proper exfoliation is the key to an even skintone, and if your freckles are based on seasonal conditions or exposure to sunlight, it will help the freckles fade faster than they otherwise would on their own. Exfoliate once a day, paying particular attention to the areas in which you are most freckled, and be sure to moisturize afterwards in order to give your skin what it needs to repair itself.

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