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Eye Cream

What is Eye Cream?

An eye cream is a cream that has been tested by ophthalmologists to be safe to use near your eyes. The label of a safe eye cream will of often say that the cream matches the pH level of your tears. Eye creams usually do not contain any fragrance, and tend to be more emollient than regular moisturizers.

Types of Eye Creams

There are 3 main types of Eye Creams:

  1. Day Cream
    • Day creams are designed to enhance the appearance of your eyes during the day.
    • Day creams usually reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.
  2. Night Cream
    • Night creams are designed to help repair and prevent further damage to your skin.
    • Alpha hydroxy acid and/or retinol are common ingredients.
  3. Non-Specific Cream
    • Provides extra moisture.

Things to Look for When Buying Eye Cream

When choosing an eye cream, look for darkness-inhibiting ingredients and consider the type and potency of the firming ingredient.

Common firming ingredients are: caffeine, alcohol, retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, copper, and vitamin C. Caffeine and alcohol temporarily dehydrate skin, making it appear taut. Retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, copper, and vitamin C actually work under the skin to stimulate collagen growth.

Common darkness-inhibiting ingredients are: vitamin K, kojic acid, and hydroquinone. Vitamin K has been shown to inhibit bruising. Researchers believe vitamin k helps to counteract dark shadows caused by too much blood flow and minor bruising under eyes. Kojic acid and hydroquinone are skin-lightening agents, often found in bleaching and age-spot creams.

Benefits of Eye Cream

Eye creams can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eye.

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