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3 Surprising Ways Your Environment Is Drying Your Skin

You can stay hydrated, keep out of the sun, and use all the creams and lotions you want, but if you don’t watch your environment carefully, you might still get dried out by the air around you. Keep an eye out for these problem spots:

Climate Control

When you are in any kind of sealed environment, you run the risk of drying your skin. All indoor air control systems cause the indoor climate to be drier than it should be. Air conditioners naturally strip moisture from the air, and furnaces and space heaters raise the temperature, which makes your skin dry out faster. Without a moisture source for your indoor air, like an indoor fountain or a humidifier, a closed atmosphere can quickly dry your skin out.

Hard Water

Showering or bathing with hard water will dry out your skin. Even though bathing usually helps you replenish your skin’s moisture, the minerals in hard water make it harder for your skin to absorb moisture. Hard water reacts with your cleansers and moisturizers which reduces their efficiency. If you have hard water problems, you should take out a little extra time to moisturize after your shower. Try and purchase soaps and shampoos that are specially formulated for hard water. You can also try bathing in slightly cooler water. Too much heat is very drying, so use cool water to soothe your skin and help keep it moist.


If the air around you is not clean, you will feel it in your skin. Studies have shown that ozone in the air can strip your skin’s moisture in minutes, rendering it dry and tight. Pollutants such as car exhaust are not only dry and hot; they carry smoke and dust that absorb the moisture that is already available in the air, making it still drier.

Just spending time in an environment with poor air quality is a major reason so many people have problems with dry skin, but you can fight it with a good moisturizing routine and good hydration habits. Keep a bit of moisturizer on hand for when you need it, and try to drink a glass of water every hour or two. These habits will help you counteract the effects of the environment that you cannot control and keep your skin healthy and moist.

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