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A Quick and Effective Skincare Routine For Busy Moms

When you’re a mom, the most important part of your daily routine is taking care of everyone else— and that doesn’t leave a lot of time to take care of your own needs or wants. However, if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, then everything else will suffer, including the people that you are trying to take care of.

So if you’re looking for an easy and effective skincare regimen that won’t take an hour out of your day, this simple and streamlined routine will ensure that your skin looks and feels its best, regardless of the stresses you have to endure and the hard work you have to do each day.

Step One: Cleanser

Choosing the right cleanser for your skin is easier than you might believe. Think about your skin type— do you have dry, oily, or combination skin? Cleansing creams work best for dry to normal skin, while gels tend to be better for oily skin. And whatever you do, don’t just use plain bar soap! It will dry out the delicate skin of your face. You typically only need to use a dime-sized amount; squeeze or pump it into slightly damp hands, rub it between your hands and apply to a damp face and neck. Rinse using a wet washcloth; this will provide slight exfoliation and clean your face of residue.

Step Two: Specialty Product

Think of your largest complaint about your skin. Is it too dry? Prone to break outs or blackheads? Uneven skin tone? Fine lines? Whatever the issue, there is a specialty serum, cream, or gel on the market to help you out. Read reviews of the products online and choose the one that sounds right for you. Apply the product according to directions, on freshly washed, unmoisturized skin.

Step Three: Moisturize

Even if you happen to have oily skin, moisturizing is an essential step you just can’t skip. Choose a moisturizer that will leave your skin feeling fresh and supple, not heavy or oily. While you can buy moisturizers specifically for daytime or nighttime, it’s not necessary— buy a good moisturizer with sunscreen and use it in the morning and at night as well. If you’re worried about the amount of moisturizer you’re using on oily skin, then only use moisturizer in the evening before bed— otherwise, do your whole skincare routine in the morning and at night. It shouldn’t take longer than five minutes!

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