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Skin recovery after a day at the beach

A day at the beach may be the quintessential mental image that comes up when we think about health: the warm sun on our skin, sand between the toes, smell of saltwater and a light breeze in the air. Nothing could be more wholesome or perfect. Of course, we know now that many of these sensory wonders that the beach holds for us are also our skin’s enemies, and the memory of a perfect afternoon can lead to years of skin damage. Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure that your skin bounces back after a day at the beach, aimed at combating some of the biggest beach issues.

Issue One: The Sun

We all know by now that sunscreen is a necessary evil and that you shouldn’t go to the beach without it. What you may not know, however, is just how

necessary the sunscreen is, what kind to use, and how. Be sure to use extremely strong sunscreen when you’re going to the beach, even if you are trying to get a bit of a natural glow: the reflection of the light off of the waves intensifies the light and can seriously burn your skin if you’re not careful. Also be sure to apply sunscreen to your WHOLE body, not just your face or just the parts of you uncovered by your swimwear. Unless your swimsuit has a special lining, ultraviolet rays can pass through fabric— and give you sunburn, or worse, skin cancer.

Issue Two: The Saltwater

Through the scientific process of osmosis, water will pass through a membrane in order to equalize the salinity (saltiness) of water on both sides. Long scientific explanation short: saltwater can seriously dry out your skin. After you’re done with the beach for the day, rinse off your face and apply a deep moisturizer to begin repairing some of that damage. Even if you didn’t go swimming, the salt in the air can dry out your skin just as well.

Issue Three: The Sand

Again, that summer breeze can make this an issue, even when you’re not expecting it. Be sure to shake out all of your clothing and rinse off your whole body, including your face, when you’re done with the beach for the day— while some exfoliation is good, too much will leave your skin painful and raw, and the grains of sand are small enough that you may not even realize what’s doing it for days.

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