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What to look for when buying ski poles?

Ski poles function best when they are lightweight and have a comfortable grip. A few things to consider when buying ski poles are:

  • Height
    • It is imperative to find a set of poles that is the right height for you.
    • To determine if the height of a pole is right for you, hold the pole upside down and grip it beneath the basket. Your forearm should be parallel to the ground (or horizontal) when you stand with your knees slightly flexed.
  • Material of pole shaft
    • aluminum
    • carbon composites
    • graphite
  • Price
    • A good set of poles will cost between $35 and $85.
  • Type of Grip
    • Some poles have nylon straps.
    • Some poles have a plastic loop that encircles the grip.
    • Make sure grips are firmly attached to the poles.
  • Size of basket
    • Bigger baskets are best for softer snow.
    • Softer baskets are best for hard-packed snow.
    • Make sure baskets are firmly attached to the poles.
  • Curve of pole
    • Straight poles are adequate for most skiers.
    • A slight forward bend just below each handle may help you plant your pole correctly.

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