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Use your Shades

Simple pieces of cloth around your window frames can conserve a considerable amount of heat or cold. Using window shades can be an effective way of keeping your home comfortable and environmentally sound. Most blinds, drapes and other coverings are only effective at keeping in hot and cold air if they fit tightly against the windows and floors. Venetian blinds are the least effective because they have so many gaps.

Energy Saving Tips

  • Open your drapes on sunny winter days to let the warmth of the sun into your home. Close drapes on winter nights to help keep the heat inside.
  • Close your drapes on hot summer days to keep the warmth of the sun out your house. If your run your air conditioning unit, closing the drapes makes it easier to cool your home in less time and conserve the energy.
  • Use white blinds on the south and west facing windows in your home. The color white retains a lot less heat than black or any other color.
  • Install blinds and drapes outside of your home to shade the entire window frame and wall connected to them. This will keep even more warmth from entering your home on hot summer days.

Insulated Drapes

  • An uninsulated drape can cut 1/3 of the heat lost through a window.

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