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Cook with Microwaves

Using a microwave ovens can cut down on your electric bill by a considerable amount.

Oven are more costly than you know:

  • Conventional ovens use about 66% more energy than microwave ovens. It is best to cook Only large items such as turkeys, roasts and steaks in a conventional oven.
  • "Slow Cookers” are a very good replacement for conventional ovens when cooking smaller items like soup and stews.
  • Cooking times are extended every time you open the oven door. You lose between 25 and 75 degrees every time.

Saving energy

  • Check the reflectors under your stovetop burners to make sure they are working properly. Reflectors can increase the heat under your food and reduce cooking time.
  • If there are any cracks, tears or gaps in your oven door, seal them as quickly as possible. A large amount of heat can escape through small cracks and increase cooking time.
  • Do not preheat your conventional oven for more time than is absolutely necessary. This cuts down on cooking time and the amount of energy used.
  • When cooking on the stovetop, make sure to use lids. This increases the amount of heat kept in the container for cooking
  • Thaw frozen foods in refrigerator to reduce cooking time.

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