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Plug the holes

There are small holes all over your household. These holes allow for heat to escape. There are spaces underneath your doors and window frames that only some of the many spots where hot and cool air are released from your home. If you plug these holes, you can reduce your home’s heating and cooling bills by up to 40%.

Easy ways to plug these holes are caulking and weatherstripping. Caulking and weatherstripping normally bring up a few concerns from customers. Some are concerned that even though these things can save energy, they will keep fresh air from entering their homes. While this is true in some situations, the amount of fresh air that most homes receive is double the amount that it really needs.

Places to Caulk or Weatherstrip

  • Places where a wall in your house meets the outside edge of a window frame can be sealed with caulk.
  • Places where doors and windows close into their frames. These can be sealed with weather strips. These are designed strips of felt, rubber, metal or plastic that fill the spaces around doors and compress when you shut them.
  • Weatherstripping where the door meets the floor can be very tricky. You can buy special “shoes” or “sweeps” that can stop air leaks.

How to find air leaks

  • Use a smoking incense stick. Light a stick and hold it to areas like window frames and door cracks. If the smoke “dances”, you have a place to seal.
  • You can also hold your hand up at various places around your home and feel for drafts.

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