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Easy and simple tips everyone can do

  • Use worn out t-shirts, towels and bed linens as rags for cleaning around the house. Pass along unwanted clothes to friends, family or charitable organizations.
  • Bike to work. Keeping the ozone free from diesel fuels is a good way to save the earth.
  • Choose products from companies and businesses that do something to support the health of the planet.
  • Eat as many whole foods (fresh fruit, fresh vegetables) as possible. Whole foods better for you and they are also better for the Earth. The more whole the food is, the fewer the resources used to get it to your plate.
  • Decrease waste by purchasing durable, long-lasting products that can be reused or refilled, such as rechargeable batteries and refillable razors. If you do use disposable products, choose those made with eco-friendly materials from companies you can trust.
  • Buy food in bulk. It reduces both product waste and packaging waste.
  • Buy recycled products.
  • Plant a garden or a few pots of veggies without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers can harm both human health and the environment.
  • Workout in the real world. Forgo a gym membership and exercise while mowing your lawn, taking the stairs, walking/running with your dog (or a neighbor's dog).
  • Use rewritable CDs and DVDs.
  • Let your food thaw in the fridge overnight instead of using the microwave to defrost. You'll save energy and your food will taste better.
  • Let your grass grow a little longer. Longer grass retains moisture better than short grass. When the weather is hot, let your lawn grow at least 1.5 inches before you cut it to avoid brown patches and unnecessary watering.
  • Solar power:look for gadgets such as radios and chargers for phones and laptops that run on solar power.

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