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Water Workouts for Runners

Benefits of Water Workouts?

Water workouts have many benefits. Water workouts can help improve running form and lower the risk of sustaining injuries by decreasing the stress on running on hard surfaces.

Water workouts is also a great source of aerobic training, and it can be used to rehabilitate an injury or slow down the progression of shin splints

Types of Water Workouts

  • Pool Running
    • Offers a great workout without the leg-pounding of running on hard surfaces.
    • Helps cut down on injuries and keeps your legs fresh.
  • Sprinting
    • Can be done in the shallow or deep end of the pool. 
    • The runner must carefully maintain good running posture in the water. 
    • Water sprinting simulates what you would do on the track without impact on the legs.  It is easier to do most sprint work in the shallow end. 
    • The runner should use a water vest when running in the deep end.
  • Distance  
    • Distance runners often use the pool on recovery days in injury situations. 
    • Distance runners can interval train in the water.

Remember to practice safety measures and to stop when you become tired.

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