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Run With A Buddy

For some, running is a solitary endeavor. Most people, though, can benefit from a running buddy. The running buddy can be another person or a four-legged friend.

For those who run as a form of cardiovascular exercise, having a running buddy can give you the extra motivation to lace up your shoes and hit the pavement on days when you're not feeling up to it. Studies show that those who exercise with a partner or group are more likely to stick with it long term.

One reason you will be less apt to quit is because, with someone counting on you, you will treat your running appointment more like an obligation, as opposed to the first thing to fall from your calendar when your schedule becomes busy. Another benefit of having a runnign buddy is that company makes time go by quicker.

When choosing a running partner, you should consider your relative abilities. If you're just starting out, you don't want to pick a seasoned marathoner, and vice versa. You should choose someone who is about the same level as you. Choosing someone slightly more experienced or faster could give you more motivation to improve. Just be careful not to overstrain yourself for competition's sake. If you don't know anyone who runs, you may want to look online for fitness matchmakers or for a local running club.

If a dog is your choice of a running buddy, be sure that you have the time and desire to care for the dog in all aspects. Also be aware that different breeds have different running capacities. A "working" breed is going to have the most energy and stamina to keep up on runs, but even they probably can't run for more than a few miles at a time.

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