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Cross Training

What is Cross Training

Cross training is using two or more types of exercise in successive workouts. For example, a distance runner in training, may also lift weights twice a week, swim, perform daily stretching exercises, and do yoga Tuesday. A cross-training program usually involves a combination of different exercises, each performed for a specific period.

Cross training is a great way to condition different muscle groups, develop a new set of skills, and reduce boredom that develops after months of the same exercise routines. After several months of performing the same exercise routines your body becomes extremely efficient performing those movements, however, the repetitiveness limits the amount of overall fitness you possess and reduces the actual conditioning you get while training.

Cross training increases your fitness and allows you the freedom to vary the stress placed on specific muscles or your cardiovascular system.

Benefits of Cross Training?

  • Reduces exercise boredom
  • Produces a higher level of holistic conditioning
  • Conditions the entire body
  • Reduces the risk of injury from repetitive strain or overuse
  • Work some muscles while others rest and recover
  • Improves your skill, agility and balance

Cross Training Suggestions

  • Cardiovascular Exercise
    • Running
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
    • Rowing
    • Stair Climbing
    • Rope jumping
    • Skating
    • Skiing
    • Racketball / basketball / other court sports
  • Strength Training
    • Calisthenics
    • Free Weights
    • Machines
    • Tubing and Bands
  • Flexibility (stretching, yoga, pilates)
  • Speed, agility, and balance drills
  • Circuit training, sprinting, plyometrics and other forms of skill conditioning

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