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Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques

During a relaxed run, you should develop a (3:2) ratio and inhale for three steps and exhale for 2 steps. Breathing in a 3:2 ration will help prevent painful cramps in your diaphragm that may occur while running.

3:2 Breathing Techniques

Breathing Pattern
Left Inhale
Right Inhale
Left Inhale
Right Exhale
Left Exhale
Right Inhale
Left Inhale
Right Inhale
Left Exhale
Right Exhale

When you are running hard or fast, your breathing pattern will automatically switch to a 2:1 ratio.

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Rhythmic Breathing and Injury Prevention

Rhythmic breathing will help prevent injuries. While running, you hit the ground with greater force at the beginning of each exhalation. If you use the 3:2 ratio and exhale on alternate footstrikes, you will balance the impact of stress to both sides of your body.

If you use a 2:2 ratio, you will strike the ground with the same foot at the beginning of each exhalation. This will cause one side of your body to experience a greater impact of stress during running.

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