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My Wife won't work...

From one of our readers:

In today's economy there has to be two paychecks coming into the household. I find it ironic that my wife literally refuses to work. I have done everything possible to prove to her that we need additional income in our household, but nothing seems to register with her. I have agreed to let her keep half of her paycheck if only she would help out with the bills.

Mama's tips on how to cope with a wife who won't work

Define the reason why your wife won't work

  • Are their children in the home?
  • Is the prospect of her working from home an option?
  • Does your wife have a low self-esteem?
  • Are you financially stable to where your wife feels she does not need to work?
  • Does your wife have a trust fund where she already has money coming in?

Set up a timeframe with your wife and stick with it

  • If you have children are they pre-school age?
  • Does your wife have a degree that she can put to use to offset any expenses she may incur by going to work?
  • Is there a need for your wife to go back to school?
  • Is your wife actively looking for a job?
  • How often do you talk about the need for your wife to go to work?

Tips on how to approach your wife on the problem of her not working

  • Discuss with your wife on the reason why she do not want to work.
  • Find a medium with the two of you on her work status.
  • Point out the financial gain the two of you would have if she were working either inside or outside the home.
  • If your wife is having self-esteem problems suggest that she speak with another family member or seek professional help.
  • If your wife would prefer to go back to school, discuss the possibility of taking a course that she could apply to a career change.

Don't be afraid to pursue all possible options that will benefit you and your wife on her return to the workforce. The first and up most responsibility lies in a healthy and happy relationship.

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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