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Understanding your teenage son

Whether you're married, or a single parent, you can enjoy a healthy relationship with your son. You can do this by being there for him and building trust between you and your son. Understanding your teenage son may be as difficult as raising a teenage daughter. Teenage boys are stereotyped as wild and hard to handle, but with the right parenting, he will learn how to respect himself as well as others. If you're having a hard time understanding your teenage son, I've come up with a few tips to help you get through the trying times of raising him.

  • Make sure your son see's how emotional you are about what's going on in his life. Even if he doesn't show how much he loves you, he yearns for attention you show as a father.
  • Understand the world he lives in. Understand that your son is experiencing girls for the first time, while dealing with the pressures he faces at school.
  • Learn about his interest. If you walk in the living room and find your son watching football, sit down and make conversation about what's going on during the game. If you walk in the garage and find him examining your tools, invite him to help work with you on your car.
  • Talk to him about the dangers of drugs. Many young teenage boys are pressured into experimenting with drugs. And while he may think it's cool to use drugs just because his friends are doing it, explain to him that the coolest people are drug free.
  • Understand his love life. If your teenage son has a girlfriend, get involved in what's going on. If she has a birthday coming up, take him to the mall and help him pick out a nice gift, or if they're having problems, give him advice on how to solve them.
  • Teat him like an adult without losing your image as a strong parent. Teach your son helpful things that he can take with him to adulthood. Teaching him how to cook, shave, and tie a tie are all things that he will need to know when he becomes an adult.
  • Teach him about what the world has to offer him. Let your son know that he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. Try and get him to find a job, so that he can learn about responsibilities and the satisfaction of having his own money.

Raising a teenage son is a lot of hard work, but if you show him how much you love him, he'll understand that you're not trying to be a difficult parent, you're just looking out for his well being. Remember your son will love you no matter what, and hopefully he'll take the life lessons you've taught him into his years as an adult.

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