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Avoid over-exposure in your relationship

Over-exposure happens gradually. Before you know it, you start changing your clothes in front of your partner, walking around naked after you get out of the shower.

The video below will over some great tips on how to avoid over-exposure and keep the spark alive.



More information about Orthodox Jewish practices discussed in the video:

  • The entire system can create over-the-top intensity. During the 12 days you abstain from sex, you don’t touch anyone of the opposite sex. There is no handshaking, air-kissing, or friendly hugs. In my world, every touch is electric.
  • An unrelated man and woman are never alone in a private place. This helps increase the desire to be touched by your partner.
  • Instead of having sex, the partners spend different time together. They may go out for coffee, but not hold hands. This absence of physical touch often creates a yearning that is similar to dating.

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