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10 things all guys should know

In life, there are certain things a guy should know how to do. Women love men who can take care of them, as well as themselves. Here's a list of thing all men should know how to do. Read carefully because you might find yourself changing your girlfriend's tire in the middle of no where. Good luck.

Tie a tie: All guys should know how to tie a tie. Practice how to tie a tie, for all those business meetings and dinners with important clients.

Tell a joke: Being able to tell a good joke is one of the best things you can do to break the ice when in an uncomfortable situation.

Change a tire: You don't want your girlfriend to be stuck in the middle of no where because you can't change a lousy tire.

Give good advice: Knowing how to give good advice can benefit you when your girlfriend's friends ask you for help with a relationship issue. If the advice helps them, her friends will tell her how smart and helpful you are, which gives you cool points with your girl and her friends.

Cook a decent meal: Believe it or not, women love guys that can cook a meal. I'm not talking about hamburger helper. Watch your girlfriend's eyes light up when she comes over and you're cooking a pot of home made spaghetti.

Make a drink: If you have a women who loves to drink, don't make her a glass of Hennesey and coke, impress her and make her a fruity martini.

Plant a flower: Women love plants and flowers. She'll love it when you take her out to the backyard and you've planted those flowers you bought her for her birthday.

Get into a nightclub: If you want to impress your girlfriend, show her how much pull you have by getting inside a club for free, or at least get you guys in without standing in a long line.

Throw a party: If you can throw a good party, you'll be the talk of the town. Women love men who can socialize. It shows her that people like you and want to be around you.

Give a foot massage: Knowing how to give a good foot massage will get you around second base before you know it!

Ok guys, if you know how to do these 10 simple tasks, you are on your way to becoming the guy women will gravitate towards. Cook a decent meal, make a drink, and give her a foot massage, you can't go wrong with a night like that.

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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