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Teenage behavior problems

Raising a teenager can be very difficult and stressful. Many parents think they have the perfect relationship with their child, but when they start bumping heads with each other, things seem to turn from good to bad. Just because your teen is unruly, doesn't mean you have to take the abuse they throw at you. Here are steps you can take to avoid being controlled by your teenager.

  • Your teen treats you rude. The last thing you remember was your child asking you to hold their hand in their sweet little voice. Now, they're telling you, your ruining their life. As a parent, you have to set the record straight and let your teen know who's the boss. However, let your child know you support them and no mater what, you still love them.
  • Their cell phone is running their life. It's perfectly normal for a teenager to talk excessively on their cell phone. It seems as though their personal lives depends on talking on their cell phone. If your child is making good grades and their behavior is good, it's okay for them to be able to talk on their cell phone. However, you can set limits on when they can't use their cell phone. Require them to pay their own bill, or set a limit such as no texting while eating dinner.
  • You teen stays out too late. Just except the fact that your teen is going to test your limits by staying out past their curfew. Give your teen a 10 minute grace period, and if they're not indoors by that time, punish them by not allowing them to go out for a few weeks.
  • Your teen hangs out with the wrong crowd. As a parent, understand that your teens friends can affect their lives in good and bad ways. If you know your teen hangs around a group of friends who skip class and do drugs, it's your responsibility to tell your teen your concerns. You can't prohibit your child from hanging out with their friends, but you can step in and help prevent them from going down the wrong path.
  • Drama queens and kings. Try to visualize what your teen is going through at school or in their personal life. The most important thing going on in her life is her boyfriend flirting with her best friend. Instead of offering her advice by telling her most high school romances don't last, sympathize with her, and be more like her best friend than a parent.

Remember you were a teenager once, and the most important issues were your friends, and what the new fashion craze was. School and family were the farthest things from your mind, however, you got older and realized those issues weren't that important as you thought. So the next time your teenager storms in the door with an attitude like no other, remember those days when you were in school, and your boyfriend got caught cheating with your best friend.

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