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How to deal with a stubborn husband or boyfriend

A stubborn person is someone who is unreasonable and often refuses to change their mind about an idea or an action. Stubborn people often refuse to give a clear explanation or reason for their resistance.

Reasons and situations that might cause your husband or boyfriend to be stubborn

  • Defending an idea: Some people believe that if their ideas are abandoned, then they are unimportant. They strongly identify themselves with their ideas. They often feel that their identity will be threatened if people aren’t convinced by what they are saying.
  • Having a reason that he can't reveal: Sometimes a stubborn person may have a strong reason for refusing to change their mind but will not tell why.

Tips on how to deal with a stubborn husband or boyfriend

  1. Examine your interests and prioritize the interests that are most important to you. For example, perhaps you are more concerned about decisions about dealing with children, money, or issues relating to your personal independence. The issues that are most important to you deserve the greatest effort.
  2. Listen carefully when you talk with him, listen closely to what he says. If what he says is not clear, keep asking questions to find out what underlies his approach. When he finishes talking you can say, "I want to make sure I understood you properly. Did you say 'x, y. & z'?" Let him know you are listening, make it clear that you expect him to listen to you. You can say, "I listened to you, now please listen to me."
  3. Try to understand his reasons and encourage him to speak honestly (in a non-confrontational manner).

7 Things no one tells you about marriage

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