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Stepmothers and your relationship!

Stepmothers are an addition to your family. They should not be considered an outsider. Unforeseen circumstances have brought a stepmother into your life. Stepmothers are not a threat to you. When treated with respect a stepmother can become a close friend that you can talk to and confide in.

Steps to build a closer relationship with your stepmother includes:

Getting to know your stepmother:

  • If you're living in the same house with your stepmother, find ways to help her with daily activities and chores.
  • If you're not living in the same house with your stepmother, invite her to spend a day with you.
  • Find out her favorite colors, her favorite flowers, her favorite meal or restaurant she visits.
  • Find out what type of movies she enjoy watching.
  • Pay attention to what she wears. Is she a casual dresser or more business like? Does she wear make-up?

Set an example:

  • Treat your stepmother the way you would like to be treated.
  • Let her know that your father is just as important to you as he is to her.
  • Spend time with your stepmother and father together. This will let her know that you do not mind sharing your father and being together with the two of them.
  • Make her feel welcome in your presence. Be cordial to her.

Create harmony

  • Set a tone of contentment with your stepmother.
  • Give your stepmother her space if she needs it.
  • Your stepmother should not feel uneasy around you.
  • Talk with your stepmother about your dreams and what you like. Ask her about things that interest her. Talk about her hobbies.

Stepmothers create bonds that are everlasting. Getting to know your stepmother creates a common bond between the two of you. Building a lasting relationship with your stepmother is the ultimate result of happiness, respect, and friendship.

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