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A man who takes on the role of a father figure when he marries a woman who already has a child is known as a stepfather.  Stepfathers play an important role in the lives of the children they help raise.

It may not be easy being a stepfather, but it can be a beautiful, emotionally rewarding experience.  Most stepchildren find that their stepfathers have their best interest at heart and develop a loving relationship with him that lasts forever. However, it may take a while for some children to understand, trust, and appreciate the positive role a stepfather plays in their lives.

Like any type of bonding, time, energy, and a lot of patience has to be put into stepfather/stepchild relationship. In the beginning, it may be a little awkward, but in most cases, the stepfather and the stepchild develop an unbreakable bond.

There are many factors that come into play when a man takes on the role of a stepfather. How the relationship develops depends a lot on how it begins. The beginning of a stepfather/stepchild relationship is very important.

A man should never feel compelled to prove that he is worthy to be a stepfather. He should take on the responsibility in a thoughtful and compassionate way that makes him comfortable with the stepchild and makes the stepchild comfortable with him.

What to expect

In the beginning, the stepchild may be resentful. The child may try to plays an emotional games between the mother and the stepfather. The mother and the stepfather should recognize this and not fall into the trap.

The mother and stepfather should talk to the child and explain the new relationship as best they can. Make sure that the child knows that the stepfather is not taking the mother's love away from them. If the biological father is involved in the child's life, they should let the child know that the stepfather is not taking the place of the biological father either, and that the biological father will always be in the child's life.

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