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Going Back to School

When considering going back to school, instead of working a full time job, you must weigh in on how it will affect your relationship with your spouse.

Going back to school can put a great responsibility on your spouse if there is only one paycheck coming into the household. If you can afford to go back to school, and maintain the important necessities of your livelihood, going back to school and getting a degree can help you financially in the future.

Most couples find it hard to live on one paycheck. It must be a mutual agreement that for a period of time spending on luxury items will be put on hold.

There are ways to cut down on your spending

There are certain responsibilities that can be asked of from family and friends:

  • Asking a parent to babysit your child to cut down on childcare expenses
  • Eating out less often
  • Taking free excursions, such as to parks or museums
  • Asking a friend to watch your child and return the favor at a later date.
  • Carpooling with co-workers or classmates

Keeping a relationship strong during this phase of your life is important

  • Spend quality time together
  • Compliment each other
  • Create a date night
  • Remember those important dates in your life
  • Surprise each other with a written note of appreciation

In a relationship, both parties must be willing to expect the differences it will make when one spouse is going to school and the other is working a full time job.

The outcome of going back to school will have a significant effect on how you live and the inconveniences will seem small compared to the ultimate rewards.

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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