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The dangers of an open marriage

An open marriage is when two people agree to have extra-marital relationships while still being married to each other. This means, they can go to a club or bar to pick up people and have sex with them without their spouse getting mad or upset. Some couples choose open marriages because they have no limitations, while others would rather have their spouse tell them their seeing other people, rather than find out from someone else. However, there can be repercussions of having an open marriage. If you are considering having an open marriage, take a look at the common possibilities listed below.

  • Jealousy. Some married couples are sexually heightened by the idea of their spouse having sexual contact with others. However, there's a chance that a spouse will get jealous. The jealous spouse may feel like their other half is not being satisfied by them, and they're getting what they want from someone outside the marriage.
  • The legal aspect. In some states, adultery is illegal, even if the married couple is in an open relationship. As a result, both spouses will be charged with adultery, if their open marriage is revealed. If you're planning to be in an open marriage, make sure it is legal to do it in the state you live in.
  • Societal views . Couples who engage in an open marriage usually keep it to themselves, for fear that their friends, family, and the people they work with won't accept it.
  • The effects it has on your children. If you're in an open marriage, the effect it can have on your child can be very enduring.
  • Health concerns. Sleeping with other people can be a gateway for STD's. The idea of catching an STD usually causes people to reject the idea of having an open marriage.
  • Religious objections. Many couples stay away from open marriages due to religious acceptance.
  • Can you mentally handle an open marriage?

An open marriage can work only if both spouses want the same sexual excitement from people outside of their marriage. Usually, that's not the case. While the thought of having an open marriage may seem new and exciting, you must be willing to accept all the repercussions that may come with it.

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