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Marriages are all about compromise, and helping around the house can be an issue of compromise. If your wife won't help with the cleaning around the house, ask her why. She may feel tired after work, or she might have a lot on her mind, like finances, and issues dealing with the kids.

Dealing with a wife that won't help out with the cleaning can be very frustrating. If you have a lazy wife, then you really have a problem on your hands. If you are the only one in your marriage that cleans your house, you should tell your wife that it's becoming a problem. By telling your wife there's a problem, she may decide to start helping around the house.

If your having problems with your wife around the house, think about what her house looked like when you met her. If her house was always a mess, then don't think that just because you two have married that she will change. If you didn't say anything about her own house being dirty, then she probably thought you didn't care.

Having a wife that won't clean can put a burden on your shoulders. If you want your wife to help you clean your house, start cleaning in front of her, and maybe she'll feel sorry for you cleaning the house by yourself.

Getting your wife to help you clean the house may not be an easy thing to do. Try making cleaning the house a fun thing to do. Turn on some music and make her feel that you two are doing something as a couple. Try dancing while you vacuum, maybe she will see that cleaning the house can be fun at the same time.

If she lived with her parents before you two were married, then she probably didn't live in a messy home, it just means that when she married you, she became lazy. Try just asking her to help you, if that doesn't work out, tell her that your going on strike, and you won't clean until she decides to help you.

If your wife won't help you clean, try compromising with her. Tell her that you will help her cook more if she helps you clean the house. Try getting her to help you by giving her rewards when she helps around the house. Take her out to a very nice restaurant, or make arrangements and take her to a spa.

If you just can't get her to help clean the house, and it's becoming an unbearable situation, going to see a marriage counselor might be your best bet. Maybe the marriage counselor can help her understand that helping your husband around the house is something that every wife should do, and every husband should help out his wife around the house also.

Cleaning your house together as husband and wife isn't the end of the world. Tell your wife how much it means to you to have a wife that will help out around the house. Tell her in a sincere and loving way, and try not to argue about it, that will only make it worst.

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