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Relationships and Jealousy

Overcome Jealousy


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Controlling your jealousy

Gaining control of your jealousy does not mean getting control of your partner. Gaining control of your jealousy mean getting a handle on your own emotions.

Tips on how to deal with my jealousy

Determine what is causing your jealousy. Is it fear of loss? Is it a feeling of humiliation? Is it feeling excluded?

Figure out why you are responding the way you are. Is your response a result of your sensitivity to the subject, or a result of a real threat to the relationship?

Examine your different options for coping. Should you seek counseling or can you overcome jealousy without by yourself? Do you have friends or family members you can confide in?

Learn from past experiences. How has your behavior affected past relationships?

Focus on what is really happening, not what you perceive to be happening. This is important because as time goes on, you may end up having difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction. Be careful not to let your imagination dictate the kind of person your partner really is.

Talk with your partner about expectations. Establish some general guidelines as to what is and isn't acceptable for you and your partner.

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