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Moving on: Life after your ex

Forgive and Forget

Forgive them and forget them. It is also important to forgive yourself. Carrying around hatred (whether directed at yourself or them) and “what-ifs” only sets you back.

It is ok to have a good cry and feel sorry for yourself a bit. Accepting the pain will help you move on. A failed romance doesn’t mean you are a bad person. It just means that the person and the relationship wasn't right for you.

Clean House

Get rid of old pictures and mementos that remind you of the former flame. Don't throw them away just yet. Store them in a box and put the box in a hard to reach place (like the hole your dog just dug in the backyard). If you can afford it, transform your surroundings. If you can afford it, move. If you can't afford to move, revitalize what you already have. Get new drinking glasses to replace those commonly used by you and your mate in happier times. Try some new art on the wall to replace the photo of your vacation together last year. Most important, get new bedding with no history and no memories. Cleansing your environment of mementos will help to reduce the reminders and offer a new perspective.

Limit Contact

It will be easier to get over your ex if you limit your distance. Even if both of you have decided to stay friends, you must take a complete break before you can change gears to a platonic relationship. It is not a good idea to spend time together, do not call them to say “hi,” no e-mails, no instant messaging, and no sex.

Keep Busy

Try a new hobby, sport, or workout regimen. Take a class that will hold your attention and require you to focus on a positive and productive personal evolution. Keeping busy helps to stop the rehashing of old memories and allows you to remember who you were before the relationship.

It will take time to completely get over your ex. Be patient and take as long as you need. The healing process varies for everyone and is based on a completely personal timeline. Trust in yourself and the support of your family and friends.

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