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Single Mother Raising a Teen-age Daughter

Raising children in today's society is a challenge and an opportunity that does not come with any instructions or directions. Raising a teen-age daughter can be very challenging yet rewarding.

Teen-age daughters are experiencing a new phase in their lives from hormonal changes to peer pressure. Mothers of teen-age daughters may also be going through hormonal changes, career pressures, and personal adjustments.

In order to understand the challenge of raising a teen-age daughter, you must first understand what phase of your daughters life she is experiencing. It is very important to be able to figure this out, as a single mother raising a daughter. Each phase of your teen-age daughters life brings on a different personality and a different point of view.

Other situations that may affect your teen-age daughter may have to do with striving for attention from other family members, such as her father.

Fathers that are not in the immediate household may be the person your teen-age daughter feels the need to communicate with. When there are confrontations with the mother and daughter, as the father of the child, it is important not to take sides with either the mother or the daughter. Listening to each one of them and responding in a neutral way, will keep all doors open when their differences have been resolved.

Teen-age daughters may turn to others that are not a part of the family, such as boyfriends or classmates. A mother should understand that she is not a threat to her daughter and as the prominent caregiver she is the one the daughter feels the need to take her difference out on.

Raising a teen-age daughter may mean putting yourself in her shoes. What did you do at her age? Were you the perfect teen-age daughter? How did your mother respond to your personality changes and different point of views?

Most mothers and teen-age daughters will look back on these years as a time when bonding meant understanding and trusting each other with unconditional love.

A good mother and daughter relationship can be bonded through love and compassion for each other. There are no stronger or in depth relationships that can be held like the love of a mother and daughter.

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