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Women who make more money than their husband

Arguing about money

According to research carried out by Skipton Building Society, 21 percent of couples argue about financial imbalances and one female breadwinner in six resents her partner for not earning more money. These findings suggest that women who make more than their husbands, and the husbands who make less than their wives feel comfortable with the social and psychological changes that such a gender role reversal brings.

Money is one of the biggest causes of relationship failure today. Either there is not enough or there is too much. Tensions over finances can cause conflict in the most loving relationship. This is especially true when the woman is the principal breadwinner in the family. When a woman is the principal breadwinner in the family, men often become resentful. The resentment felt by many men in this situation is one of the major contributing factors in infidelity and divorce today. These feelings of resentment may lead to unexpected behaviors, including alcohol abuse, substance abuse, physical abuse, and mental abuse.

Money and Sex

Some women feel extremely confident and incredibly sexy when they are financially successful. If they are married to a man who is very confident about himself and is not threatened by her making more than he does, the sex is likely to be fantastic. However, when women make more than their husband, they often end up feeling that the bigger income means they are wearing the pants in the relationship.

When the wife feels like she wears the pants in the relationship, the husband may become insecure, irritable. This may cause her to lose her sexual desire for him. He may also feel emasculated and blame her. This process is often fueled by anger and causes a "loss of sexual roles". Unfortunately, once this occurs, if the couple doesn't seek to reconnect, either through counseling or via their own means, the relationship will probably become worse.

What to do if you make more money than your husband

  • Communicate openly and honestly how you feel about the changes brought on by the shift in earning power.
  • Talk with your partner about the impact of money on your sex life.
  • Remind your partner that you value them.

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