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Help! My husband will not go back to work

From one of our readers:

When I met my husband he was a hardworking, very supportive, intelligent man. He was injured on his job and was off from work for eight months. His employer has assigned him to another position, but he does not want to work there. His doctor has released him to go back to work, but he will not go out and apply for other employment.

Mama's tips on how to cope with a husband that refuses to go back to work

  • Try and find out what the underlying problem might be.
  • Discuss what is bothering him about this different position.
  • Does his age have a bearing on his decision not to apply for employment?
  • Your husband's self-esteem may be a factor in his unwillingness to apply for new employment.
  • It is possible that your husband may be embarrassed about the injury he sustained at work.
  • Discuss the need for his earnings as well as yours.
  • Support his decision not to return to his previous employer, but emphasize that fact that you do need his support in finding other employment.
  • Insecurity may be an underlying problem as to why your husband will not go out and seek new employment.
  • If needed, seek help from a therapist.

One of the first steps to coping with a husband that refuses to go back to work is patience. When a person is injured on a job or any other setting your mental frame of mind takes a toll on your health. Sometimes you may be physically fit to go back to work but not mentally fit.

When addressing this problem with your husband be sure to take into account his physical and mental state. Do not assume that everything is ok.

Money is always an issue when a husband refuses to go back to work. Reiterate the need for financial stability and the importance of being in control of your financial needs.

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