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Tips for dating a single mom
by John A. Roberts

Dating a single mom can be very challenging when your relationship is new. However, a single mom can be a great life partner or a great person to date. There are many stereotypes when it comes to dating single moms. Single moms are often portrayed as women just looking for a father for their children, that's often not true. While some women are looking for fathers for their kids, many women with children are just looking for companionship. If you are dating a single mom, look past the stereotypes and look at her as a woman who wants a special man in her life.

Keep in mind these tips when your out and about with your date.

Decide the role you would like to play. Be specific about what you want out of the relationship with her and her kids. If you feel that she's pressuring you into playing the father role and you aren't interested in playing a father role, let her know. It will save the both of you time and energy.

Meet the children when the time is right. Don't rush her by asking to spend time with her kids. Even though she wants you to meet them someday, she probably wants things to be right between the two of you first.

Ask about the biological father. Finding out what happened between her and the father of her child will give you a better idea of who she is and what she stands for.

Be prepared for last minute changes . She doesn't really want to cancel the date the two of you have set up, but she can't leave her child at home sick. Most women think that all their cancellations and rain checks will send messages that they're not interested, however, in most cases, that's not true. She may not be able to find a babysitter on a Friday night or the babysitter may cancel. Put yourself in her shoes and understand what she's going through as a single parent.

Be open-minded. Dating a women with a child has many benefits. If you don't have any kids, a women with a child can show you what it's like to raise a family.

Understand her maturity level. A single mother goes through an unquestionable amount of stress each day. Just trying to get things done and raising her children at the same time is something you have to commend her on. Put yourself in her shoes. If you were a single parent women, would you want a guy who doesn't understand what it takes to be a successful parent? The answer is no, and if you want a women who knows how to take care of herself and her family, a single parent women is the way to go.

Offer to pay for the babysitter. Finding a babysitter can be expensive. Many single parent women struggle with paying bills, so if you know she's struggling a little bit, pay for the babysitter when you take her out. That will let her know that your very interested in her.

Know your limitations. Don't try and discipline her child, if your not happy with the behavior of her kid, talk to her about it when the child isn't there. Don't try and be a father figure just yet, the child has a father and may resent you for trying to take his place.

Expect her to bring along her children. Many women hate leaving their children with other people, so they choose to bring them everywhere they go. Don't think that she's giving you a sign that she doesn't want your affection by bringing her kid along. She may even have a hard time finding a reliable babysitter, so just go along with whatever she has going on. If you are planning something special for just the two of you, tell her in advance so she can make arrangements.

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