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How to tell if a guy is interested in you

Up to 90% of communication is non-verbal. If you know what to look for, you can tell how a person views you before they even speak. Words are important but you may find the position of the body and the mannerisms a person uses usually speak louder words.

Easy ways to tell if a guy is interested in you:

  • He flirts with you.
  • He smiles at you a lot.
  • He always teases you or makes fun/jokes.
  • He will also go out of his way to be as near you as possible without being obvious.
  • He sends you flowers.
  • During a conversation, he mirrors your actions and your voice fluctuations. This action is referred to as "mirroring" and is a very positive sign that he is interested.
  • He compliments you a lot.
  • He develops a special nickname for you.
  • He is very willing to help you out or do you favors (like rides home, or physical work).
  • He laughs at all your jokes/will try to make you laugh.
  • He mentions activities that you are interested in so there is a chance for you two to do them together.
  • He remembers little things that you've talked about before a long time ago, and brings them up in conversations to let you know that he remembered.
  • His pupils dilate when he looks at you. Our pupils will dilate when we are looking at anything we like whether if be an object or person.
  • He listens to you and remembers little details.
  • His voice gets softer when the two of you talk.
  • If he is shy, he may ask a friend of yours about you - he'll say it's just for "friend of mine" that wants to know about you.
  • If he is shy, he might turn red when you talk to him.
  • A man who is trying to impress you will square his shoulders. If the man is sitting with his shoulders squarely directed at you this is often an unconscious invitation to continue the conversation or that he is interested in getting to know you better. A man who is not interested may move his body away from you in an effort to get you away from his personal space.
  • He notices slight changes in your appearance.
  • He asks you out for lunch or dinner.
  • He may subconsciously adjust his tie suck in his stomach or touch his hair.

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