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Many grandparents are faced with the responsibility of raising their grandchildren. Some grandparents take on the circumstance and see it as a blessing, while others are coping with the resentment they feel towards the grandchild's parents for leaving them with the responsibility. Many grandparents also struggle with the idea of what's going to happen if they die, and the grandchild is left with no one to take care of them.

Taking care of a grandchild can be an over bearing mission. It may be hard to be a grandparent and parent at the same time. A grandparent has to tolerate with the child thinking their parent may not come back into their life, and may even blame you for the loss of their parent.

When grandparents serve as parents, they must learn to set limits, and establish control, just like they did with their own children. The transition of taking care of your grandchild can be very stressful and emotional, and the financial burden can take a toll on you.

Creating a relationship with your grandchild, as a parenting figure, will take time and patience.

The lives of grandparents greatly change when they take their grandchild in. Instead of spending time with their friends, they become engaged in the social life and schoolwork of their grandchild. Many complain of being tired, and feel like it's unfair for them to take care of their grandchild.

It is very important not to forget that you are your grandchild's parent. Taking care of your grandchild is helping out your child in their difficult time. It is also important to realize that how you treat your child, can have an affect on how your grandchild relates to their parent.

Support and help from other family members can take the pressure off the grandparent taking on the role of the parent. Financial aid may be available if the child suffered from neglect, abuse, or was abandoned.

Caring for your grandchild can have a lasting effect on them, make sure you set positive examples, and always maintain a healthy relationship with their parent.

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