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Meeting your girlfriend's friends
by John A. Roberts

So you've been with your girlfriend long enough for her to fall head over heels for you. However, there's one aspect of her life that you haven't conquered yet, her friends. Her friends are almost like her sisters and brothers. They tell her when their not satisfied with the way things are going between the two of you, and they may even tell her to dump you. With that said, I've come up with a few ideas that will help you wow your girlfriend's best buddies.

Make a good first impression. It says a lot when your girlfriend wants to take you around her friends. If you know you're meeting one or more of her friends for the first time, wear something casual. Casual wear will make them think your an easy going guy, which will make them feel comfortable around you.

Don't flirt. Flirting with her friends is a sure way to get yourself dumped. Even she has a really good looking friend, don't stare. Remember, her friends are watching your every move, and while the girl you're starring at isn't looking, her other friends might be, and maybe even your girlfriend.

Respond to her friends. One of the best ways to get your girlfriend's friends to like you, is to engage in a good conversation. If her friends ask you a question, don't use one word answers, make a good conversation out of it.

Prove to her friends that you are the right one. When you are around her friends, be very smitten to your girlfriend. They will love it. Doing things like paying for her food, complimenting her, caressing her hair, are all things that make girls feel warm inside. Her friends will take notice and when you leave. They will have tons of good things to say about you.

Be helpful. If one of her friends is having trouble in her relationship, give her advice without offending her boyfriend, you never know when you might meet him.

Male friends. A close male friend might be one of the biggest challenge of them all. Be very careful of what you say around her male friend, because they are looking for signs of you being a player, and if they find out you are, they will tell her . Just think of him as her big brother, if you do something around him that's unacceptable, he may let you know about it, and what's worse, he'll tell her.

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