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Flirting with your spouse

Flirting shouldn't be used solely to attract a mate. Flirting with your spouse is one of the necessary ingredients to keeping your marriage upbeat, romantic, and hot. Flirting helps release the tensions between couples. Flirting also helps couples to discover new phases of a happy life.

There are several simple ways to flirt with your spouse. Some common ways to flirt with your spouse include:

  • walk around the neighborhood just before the sun sets
  • eat together
  • enjoy a glass of wine on the porch or balcony,
  • tease each other
  • feed your spouse a small bite while sharing a dinner together
  • blow a kiss to your spouse
  • randomly kiss their cheek and run off
  • hold hands
  • take a shower together
  • send your spouse a hand written love letter

You don't have to be sitting or standing next to your spouse to flirt. You can also flirt by:

  • leaving naughty or nice notes in their purse or briefcase
  • packing a small lunch or snack for them to take to work
  • winking at them from across the room
  • look at them and say the words "I love you" without letting a sound come out of your mouth
  • asking your spouse out on a date

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