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Favoritism and your child

Being a parent requires you to give attention to all your children. But sometimes you may be favoring one of your children and don't realize it. Experts say that it is normal for a parent to have a favorite child, it's just how you go about it that makes the difference.

Parents are people too, and just like in other relationships, they tend to move towards the child they trust and have the most in common with.

Parents also tend to react a certain way because of who their child resembles. If the child resembles the parent, the parent may feel closer to them, but if the child resembles another family member, the parent may distinctively treat them different unknowingly.

A parent may be drawn to one of their children if the child brings out good quality's in the parent. If that child encourages the parents to make positive changes in their life, the parents then feel like they have an ally in their child.

Sometimes favoritism may come from the parents family tree. If the parents mother or father showed favoritism towards them, it is possible for the parent to pick up the same habits, and show favoritism towards one of their own children.

Felling bad about showing favoritism towards a child is very common. If you show favoritism, relax, your feelings may go away as time goes on.

If you are a parent who shows favoritism, keep it to yourself. Don't let your child now how you feel. You also do not want the favorite child to be picked on by his siblings, which may cause them to be jealous of one another.

Showing favoritism is common in many households. The key is to get over the fact that you have a favorite child. Look at the positive qualities in all of your children, and love them the same as you do with your other child.

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