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The Top Reasons People Get Dumped

Men often dump women because:

  • She tried to mold him into a different person.
  • She was not interested in sex.
  • She pressured him to get married.
  • He meets someone else or realizes you’re not the one.

Women often dump men because:

  • He didn’t turn out to be the person she thought he was.
  • He doesn’t treat her well.
  • He flirts with other women.
  • He wasn't marriage material.
  • He had a 'low' father potential. One of the things most women consider in a mate is whether or not he will be a good father if they decide to have children.
  • The thrill is gone. Sometimes a woman falls out of love with a man and begins to think of him as a good friend instead of a lover.
  • He's having an affair.
  • He is financially irresponsible.

Tips to get over being dumped:

  • Allow yourself time to mourn the relationship.
  • Don't start dating until you are ready.
  • Surround yourself by friends and family who care about you.
  • Spoil yourself a little.
  • Remember that the person who dumped you has lost you and will not meet anyone like you again.
  • Allow yourself to be angry with the person who dumped you and mentally dump them too.
  • Talk to someone about it. If you don't have friends to talk to, consider talking to a therapist.
  • Join a self-help or separation/divorce group in your community.
  • Do not hold on to the hope that your ex is coming back.
  • Be prepared to lose some of the friends that you shared.
  • Do not make rash decisions in the days after being dumped.
  • When you feel up to it, join activity clubs for singles.

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