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Discipline the children, Husband or Wife

When it comes to disciplining your children, it is the responsibility of both parents. When both parents discipline their children, it creates a bond within the family that the children recognize and respects. Disciplining your children establishes a structure that, not only the mother, but the father will uphold.

Why discipline. Children are more inclined to grow into healthier adults when discipline is part of their daily routines. Husbands and wives may discipline their children differently, but each one must respect the others approach. For instance, the wife may prefer punishments that may last a week, but the husband may prefer to talk with the child and find a solution for why the child's behavior prompted his actions.

Discipline hours. What is the best time to discipline your child? When you discipline your child, it should be done when you are not angry or upset. Let the child know that what he did was wrong and you will address his behavior at a later time. It will give you a chance to control the outcome of what needs to be done. It will also give you a chance to speak with your spouse if there is a need.

Disciplining your child together. Both parents may want to sit down with the child and discuss what happened and why you're giving them the punishment you feel they deserve. Togetherness, as a couple, will reinforce to the child that you're in this together and that there is no separation on why or what needs to be done.

If the wife is the main disciplinarian. It may not be possible for the husband to be around when discipline is administered. He may be away from the home at the time. He may be serving his country. It can be a number of reasons. The mother must let the child know that his father would approve of the punishment that has been given to him.

When it comes to disciplining your children, both parents should have a mutual understanding of the consequences that their children will adhere to. Disciplining your child with love is the first step towards a healthy and responsible relationship.

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