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Marriage Counseling

There are many ways to try and mend a marriage that is on the verge of dissolving. But one of the most wide spread suggestions is marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling brings in a third party that can listen to both point of views without making any judgments. Marriage counseling should be sought after during the early stages of trouble. A couple seeking a marriage counselor should be open to discussing topics that they may not want to discuss. One of the main reasons a marriage counselor is sought after is because of poor communications.

When should you seek a counselor

  • Consider seeking a counselor at the onset of a troubled marriage. Early intervention is a sign that you are willing to go the length to save your marriage.
  • Communications is a major part in any relationship. If you are having a communications problem, it is never too late to seek a marriage counselor.
  • When either party feels the need to seek counseling.
  • If you are trying to rebuild trust after an affair.

Finding a counselor

  • Most church organizations are available for counseling.
  • Your physician may be able to advise you on where to go for counseling
  • Your employer may have a program that you can enroll in
  • A referral from a friend
  • Asking a trusted family member is another option

What to expect during counseling

  • Being honest about your feelings or concerns
  • Participation in an open discussion
  • Keeping an open mind to suggestions
  • Identify your need for tolerance
  • Expect the unexpected (may be something that happened years ago)
  • Respect each others views
  • Come with the understanding that you are in counseling for help and guidance

Marriage counseling is nothing to be ashamed of

Every individual, every couple, and every relationship is based on communications. Counseling is a way to help you when communications and stumbling blocks are being blocked.

Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. With the different resources available, most couples can and should use them.

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